High Yield Listed Bonds . Secured bonds with collateral.10-12% IRR, Low Minimum

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  • Founded: Late 2019
  • Investment Types: Curated Bonds
  • Minimum Investment: Rs 10000
  • Advertised Returns: 9-12%
  • Low Minimum
  • Short Tenor Bonds
  • Monthly/Quarterly Cashflow
  • Credit Risk
  • Only 1-2 Deals a month
  • Deals get subscribed quickly


Wint Wealth is a platform  which helps investor to invest in bonds issued by NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies) to raise financing. It gives its consumers a list of assets and a solid set of returns on their investment, mainly providing senior-secured bonds from various firms directly to the consumers, which offer increased security. 

Wint Wealth’s main investment model is to help people invest in bonds, and as we know, a bond is a fixed asset. The buyers of financial assets like bonds are owed money by the securities’ issuers. Senior secured bonds suggest that the senior-most secured bondholders will receive their investments back first in the event of the company’s liquidation. This approach serves as the sole foundation for the Senior Secured Bond issued by Wint Wealth.  

Features of Wintwealth

Invest options listed on Wintwealth generally have monthly or quarterly repayment of principal and interest to increase safety

  • Returns are higher than fixed deposits.

A Senior Secured Bond is comparable to an FD since it is a safe and secure fixed-income asset, as they constantly provide substantially higher returns, averaging from 9% to 11%, which is much more than FDs.

  • Higher Due Dilligence

Due to the increasing number of financial industry frauds, investors are often afraid to make direct investments. To deal with this, Wint Wealth filters out the best companies and only provides the safest option for investors.

  • Minimum Risk

The risk associated with senior secured bonds from Wintwealth is considerably lower than that of other high yield assets. If you do not want to take lot of risk or you are someone who doesn’t want to lose their principal amount, Wint’s investment instruments would be good bet for you.

  • Small Ticket Size

In contrast to conventional bond investments, Wint offers retail investors the opportunity to participate in these fixed income securities for as low as Rs. 10,000.

  •  Diversification Opportunity

Wint Wealth brings forth a wonderful chance for anyone looking to diversify their portfolio options. Since these bonds allow you to directly invest in bonds which are less volatile than equity and can provide monthly income ,this helps you to plan your portfolio in a better way

Some Recent Deals Featured on Wintwealth

  • Aryadhan Senior Secured Bond

Aryadhan Financial Solutions Private Limited is an NBFC based out of Noida. It has been formed to fulfill the financial requirements of farmers, farmer producer organizations (FPOs), and agricultural value chain players by extending post-harvest commodity finance loans. 15 Month Product with 10.5% IRR and 20% principal repayment every 6 months.

  • Slice Senior Secured Bond

Quadrillion Finance Pvt. Ltd. (QFPL), is a Bengaluru-based NBFC, engaged in the business of unsecured retail financing to the salaried class, student segment, and self-employed, through the mobile application named ‘slice’.11.5% IRR bonds with 1/4th repayment every quarter.

Expected Returns

The average returns ranges from 9% & goes up till 13% depending on various factors like duration, risk, etc.

The tenure of the bonds is generally from 1 to 3 years with intermittent repayment structure.

Wintwealth Team

Ajinkya Kulkarni, the promotor of Wint Wealth, founded this business with the help of three other people. The founders have a wide range of experience expanding digital firms and have a comprehensive understanding of credit risk.

Digital business models in the loan and payment sectors are Ajinkya and Abhik’s areas of expertise. With regard to the technological components of the platforms, Shashank is an expert who specialized in improving user experience.

Anshul Gupta, the fourth founder is from Northern Arc, which is known for pioneering the underwriting of novel credit products with high yield and effective risk mitigation features, was brought on board and all four made the Wintwealth

Wintwealth Funding

Wintwealth was initially funded by Rainmatter, the investment company of Zerodha. It went to raise another 15 Mn USD recently. 

Eight Roads Ventures spearheaded the new round with Rs 70 crore or over $9 million while seven other investors including Billion Brains, 3one4 Capital, Unitary Fund, Blume Ventures, AngelList, JJ Beshara Angel, and Better Advisor also joined the Series A financing round.

How to Invest on Wint Wealth?

After signing up and verification through the KYC process, you’ll come across the dashboard screen where you can navigate and have a look at all of your investments.

Clicking the “Assets” tab will bring you to this screen, where you can purchase bonds. This category contains a list of all Wint Wealth’s listed assets. You’ll find this tab when you select “See Asset Details” where you can view all of the asset’s details. It displays the bond’s issuance size, minimum investment requirement, type of interest payment, and principal payback schedule.

If you are prepared to purchase the asset, you can select the “Invest Now” tab. Now, you will be directed to this screen where you can select your investment lots and see the returns you’ll be making through them. After selecting the amount of lots, click on “Invest Now”. The payment portal will then be opened for you, where you can quickly complete the transaction and buy these assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum investment amount on Wint Wealth?

The minimum investment amount on Wint Wealth is ₹10000.

  • How Does Wint make money?

Investors who purchase senior secured bonds will periodically earn interest on their investments. On all transactions made on their platform, Wint Wealth charges a 1% to 1.5% fee to the interest-issuing corporations.No charges are levied on investors.

  • Is Wint Wealth safe?

The RBI and SEBI both oversee the company’s operations. This implies that there is less possibility of fraud or criminal activity occurring.

Personal Experience of Yieldkart Team- Investing with Wintwealth

 As with most of the investment platforms listed to Yieldkart, we make it a point to invest in these platforms as an investor. We have been investing with Wintwealth since its inception. We have invested in more than 10 deals . Till date, for 100% of investments, payments have been on time with 0 defaults. The team is super responsive to queries and doubts and my overall experience has been pretty decent.

To get a detailed Analysis of hundreds of investors experience read here – Portfolio Analysis

Conclusion/Final Review

For retail investors looking to diversify their holdings, Wintwealth is a fantastic platform. Fixed deposits, which offer returns below inflation, are heavily weighted in the portfolios of most investors. Investment in platforms like Wint Wealth increases portfolio returns overall and diversifies it.

Each deal on the platform has a different originator hence platform specific risk is low. The fact that the issuance are governed by SEBI and the RBI offers investors a sense of confidence and protection. 

Our Rating
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