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  • Founded: 2022
  • Investment Types: Real Estate Investment
  • Minimum Investment: ₹5000
  • Advertised Returns: 12-18%
  • Ability to Diversify your Asset class
  • More Accessible Than traditional Real Estate Investments
  • No Real Estate Management Headaches
  • The buyback guarantee has to be honoured by the builder. In case the builder lacks the liquidity to provide the principal, Aasthy should have sufficient reserves to provide the buyback.
  • Platform Relatively New


Jiraaf is one of those platforms in India which acts as a one stop shop for all alternative asset class investment options. Based out of Bangalore & founded in the year 2022, this platform offers multiple investment options like invoice discounting, MLDs, corporate debt, equipment leasing, etc.

Type of Investment Opportunites

Invest options listed on Jiraaf are typically of very short, short or medium-term duration.

  • Invoice Discounting
  • Market Linked Debantures
  • Corporate Debt
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Revenue Based Financing

Jiraaf is one of the very few platforms in India which offers a mix of all the above-listed opportunities on a single platform.

Some Recent Deals Featured on Jiraaf

  • Calpro Invoice Discounting

Calpro Specialities is India’s leading manufacturer, distributor & importer of food & health, and nutrition industry ingredients. Jiraaf periodically launches invoices of Calpro on its platform for discounting which are raised on popular companies like HUL, Parle, Mondelez, etc. The invoices are of very short to short duration (ranging from 30 days to 90 days) and generally have a Pre-Tax IRR of around 11.47%

  • 1K Kirana Bazaar Invoice Discounting

1K Kirana Bazaar is building a network of small-sized modern format grocery stores across India. Jiraaf periodically launches invoices of 1K Kirana Bazaar on its platform. The invoices are of  short duration (generally ranging around 90 days) and have a Pre-Tax IRR of around 14.2%

  • Aris Infra Invoice Discounting

Aris Infra is a technology-based B2B platform which provides variety of building material products needed across the construction life cycle. Jiraaf has a constant supply of invoices of Aris Infra which on its platform for discounting. The invoices are of  short duration (generally ranging between 30 to 90 days) and have a Pre-Tax IRR of around 12.23%

  • Everest Fleet Asset Backed Leasing

Everest Fleet Pvt Ltd is a fleet management company which was founded in the year October 2016. They have a fleet of thousands of cars which they run under UBER in various cities of India. You can invest in this asset leasing opportunity with Everest Fleet to lease cars to them (which would be run in Uber) and generate monthly income from this. The pre-tax IRR for this opportunity is around 14.93%.

  • Rupeek Corporate Debt

Rupeek is one of India’s fastest-growing NBFC providing Gold Loans. Rupeek is backed by marquee investors such as Sequoia, Accel, Bertelsmann, GGV Capital and is one of the leading players in the gold loan solution space.. Jiraaf has launched senior secured bonds of Rupeek of 12 months 20 days (385 Days) duration with interest payable monthly. The IRR of 12.50% p.a.

Expected Returns

The average returns ranges from 8% & goes up till 20% depending on various factors like duration, risk, type of investment, etc.

Invoice discounting opportunities listed on Jiraaf are generally of 30-90 days duration yielding around 12-15%. Corporate Debt and Market Linked Debentures listed have a yield of around 9-17% depending on several factors.

Jiraaf Team

Jiraaf is founded by Vineet Agrawal & Saurav Ghosh.

Saurav is an alumnus of BITS Pilani- Goa & IIM Ahmedabad. He has more than a decade of experience in corporate finance with some leading real estate developers in India. Alumnus of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus & IIM-A. Saurav on the

Vineet has more than 12 years of experience with multiple Real Estate and Hospitality businesses handling the complete life cycle of investments. He is an alumnus of Rashtriya Vidyalaya College of Engineering (RVCE) & Xavier Institute of Management, Bangalore.

The team at Jiraaf is highly experienced and has relevant domain experience in their area of expertise.

Jiraaf Funding

Jiraaf has raised $7.5 million somewhere in June 2022 led by Accel Partners, Mumbai-based Mankekar Family Office, and Aspire Family Office.There was participation from multiple angels like Capital A; Sidharth Shah- founder of Pharmeasy; Ramakant Sharma- cofounder of Livspace; Anuj Jhaveri- director at Barclays, Hong Kong; and Shantanu Garg- managing director and partner at Boston Consulting Group

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum investment amount with Jiraaf?

Minimum investment amounts vary according to individual deals. At the moment, for most opportunities, the amount is Rs.100000.

  • What is the KYC process for Jiraaf?

Jiraaf follows a simple three-step process for KYC which is fully online and gets done within minutes. Documents required are PAN Card, Address Proof, and Bank Details.

  • How does Jiraaf make money?

Jiraaf charges a certain fee for listing the investment opportunities on its platform. It may be charged from the investor and/or borrower/counterparties and/or in the spread. Jiraaf maintains complete transparency about these fees.

Personal Experience of Yieldkart Team- Investing with Jiraaf

 As with most of the investment platforms listed to Yieldkart, we make it a point to invest in these platforms as an investor. We have been investing with Jiraaf since its inception primarily in invoice discounting deals and a few corporate debt deals. Till date, for 100% of investments, payments have been on time with 0 defaults. The team is super responsive to queries and doubts and my overall experience has been pretty decent.

To get a detailed Analysis of hundreds of investors experience read here – Portfolio Analysis

Conclusion/Final Review

If you are looking for multiple alternative investment asset classes like Invoice Discounting, Market Linked Debantures, Corporate Debt, Equipment Leasing, Revenue Based Financing, etc. AND looking for a single platform to find and invest in these opportunities, look no further than Jiraaf.

The team is strong, well equipped and backed by marquee investors like Accel and Mankekar Family Office.The track record as of date has been stellar with zero defaults and delays.The tech needs a bit of work to make it top notch but that is being worked upon by their team. Additional features like wallet facility, automatic rule based investments, availability of a mobile app, constant flows of deals would be cherry on top.

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