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  • Founded: 2021
  • Investment type: Asset Leasing
  • Minimum Investment: Varies according to the asset- approximately around Rs. 5000
  • Advertised returns: As high as 18-30%
  • Minimum investment as low as Rs. 5000
  • Easy monthly return from the following month of investment
  • User friendly platform
  • Team of experts to analyze the asset
  • Pre tax Returns, High Yield
  • Most Assets are Leased to Startups
  • Comparatively New Platform


Leaf Round is leasing focussed alternative investment platform launched in April 2021. Leaf Round offers investment options to investors in tangible assets like  Drones, EVs, appliances, furniture, and electronics. These assets can be bought and leased out to companies listed on the platform. The investors can buy and rent assets or products to businesses and earn a monthly income regularly

What is LeafRound business model?

Leaf Round offers investment options to investors in tangible assets like electronics, furniture, EVs, home appliances, and furniture. These assets can be bought and leased out to companies listed on the platform. The investors can buy and rent assets or products to businesses and earn a monthly income regularly. After the end of the tenure, the companies that rented the investors’ assets end up buying it after calculating the depreciating value.

Here are quick, go-through steps that will help you to understand Leaf Round much better.

  1. The investor can easily buy a product with a predefined leasing contract with a reliable company for renting. Renting is done by Leaf Round itself and not done manually. Leaf Round does due diligence in finding out the best companies.
  2. Multiple quality checks of the assets are done so that the users don’t face any issues.
  3. After investing and renting a particular asset, one becomes the legal owner of the product.
  4. The monthly rental collection is not done manually but is directly credited to your bank account by Leafround 
  5. You’ll be notified via email or SMS.

 Features of Leaf Round

  • Easy-to-use platform

Leaf Round platform makes it user-friendly as it manages the complete lifecycle. Just log into your account, pick your desired deal, pay through UPI, and done. You’ll start receiving your monthly income without any difficulty.

  • Investing in tangible products

It is a form of collateral-backed financing as you have an actual tangible asset as security. Before listing assets, the company’s team of experts completely analyzes the business and its offerings.

  • Monthly Payment

Unlike other investment opportunities, you don’t need to wait to get a rental payment.

  • Buy-back of the Products

This is one of the most amazing features which makes Leaf Round worth investing in. The company that has leased the asset will easily buy back the asset at the end of the tenure. The investor does not need to manage the disposal of assets.

Some Recent Deals Featured on Jiraaf

  • Saveo Deal

Saveo operates a marketplace that connects pharmaceutical companies and retailers to buy
surgical, homoeopathic, and allopathic medicines. It also has another vertical that allows
traditional pharmacy stores to digitise their operations. Leafround listed Macbook Air Laptops which were leased to Saveo. Pre-Tax IRR of 23% and 24 Months Tenor.

  • Mellora Laptop
     Mellora is one of the fastest-growing, fashion-inspired jewellery brand. Founded in 2016, the brand aims to create fashion-forward fine jewellery to meet the changing wardrobe needs of a modern womans.Leafround listed a 19 months deal for an IRR of 23%

Expected Returns

The average returns ranges from 18% & goes up till 25% depending on various factors like duration, risk, type of investment, etc.

The tenor of investments is generally from 18-30 Months

LeafRound Team

Leaf Round was founded by Nishchay Nath, Avinash Verma, and Soumya Kushwaha. Senior business leaders from McKinsey, Bain, Barclays, and Adobe also play an important role in building this platform.

Nishchay Nath is an alumnus of IIM, Ahemdabad, and IIT, Kharagpur. 

Soumya Kushwaha is also an alumnus of IIM, Ahemdabad. She had also worked in Mc Kinsey company and has an interest in solving fundraising problems for startups.

Avinash Verma has been an alumnus of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. he is an ex-UIPath and has worked in Jabong and Saltside

LeafRound Funding

Leaf Round has raised approximately $300,000 which is around INR 2.28 crore from micro VC firms like Upsparks and Superb Capital.

They are on track to raise next round of funding soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the minimum investment amount with Leaf Round?

    The minimum investment amount varies according to every individual. The minimum amount invested can be as low as INR 5000

  • What is the KYC procedure for Leaf Round?

Leaf Round follows three basic and simple steps for KYC. This is done completely online and gets done within minutes. You just need to submit these 3 documents and you are good to go.

  1. PAN Card
  2. Address proof
  3. Bank documents
  • How does Leaf Round make money?

Leaf Round charges a minimal fee for every deal that the investor invests in. The amount is automatically deducted from the monthly rent received by the investor. Complete transparency is maintained by Leaf Round in regards to these fees.

  • Who will own the product / asset during the possession period?

The asset is fully owned by the investor until the contract matures. Thereafter, the ownership is transferred to the company that has rented the asset on payment of an amount after factoring in depreciation

Personal Experience of Yieldkart Team- Investing with Leafround

 As with most of the investment platforms listed to Yieldkart, we make it a point to invest in these platforms as an investor. We have been investing with Leafround . Till date, for 100% of investments, payments have been on time with 0 defaults. The overall experience has been positive.

To get a detailed Analysis of hundreds of investors experience read here – Portfolio Analysis

Conclusion/Final Review

Leafround is a promising alternative investment platform which offers high yield leasing opportunities for retail investors. The Pre-Tax format makes it suitable for most investors. We would be monitoring the monthly performance of the platform and sharing it with our readers.

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