Invest in P2P Lending product with Instant Liquidity.Upto 12% Returns.

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  • Founded: 2015
  • Investment Type: Peer-to-Peer Lending, Ed-Tech Platform Subscription Loan, Micro-ATM Working Capital Loans
  • Minimum Investment: Rs.5000
  • Advertised Returns – Upto 12%
  • Platform has been operating since 2015
  • Instant Liquidity Facility available
  • RBI Regulated NBFC-P2P license
  • Low Minimum Investment Required
  • Only one Flagship Product – Per Annum
  • No Mobile App
  • Yields lower than few other P2P products


Lendbox is a registered peer-to-peer lending platform that enables an individual to lend or borrow money to or from other people without depending on traditional banking channels. Lendbox was granted an NBFC-P2P license by the RBI in 2018. Lendbox seeks to modernize India’s debt investment market.

Type of Investment Opportunites

Lendbox has multiple product offerings depending on the risk appetite of the investor

  • Very Low Risk (Micro-ATM Working Capital Loans)
  • Low Risk (Ed-Tech Platform Subscription Loan)
  • Medium Risk (P2P Lending)
  • Per Annum Product


Lendbox Per Annum

Per Annum is an investment product by Lendbox on a mission to build India’s largest platform for alternate and fixed income investments, unlocking a large basket of investment products previously unavailable to the Indian retail investor and enabling lending to the top 2% of India’s most creditworthy people. Their main goal is to introduce the Indian retail investor to products beyond the age-old, fixed-income products that barely beat the prevailing inflation rate. It is past time for Indian investors to gain access to products that are immune to stock market volatility while earning a healthy return of up to 9%-15%.

Lendbox Per Annum sources its borrowers from Tier 1 partners like UNI Cards. Unicard is an innovative buy-now, pay-later card that offers credit to people with excellent credit and has already secured 18.5 million USD in funding. These companies are top-tier credit risk managers, catering to those with unblemished repayment histories. When investing in Per Annum, investors will receive interest that they can choose to reinvest, compound, or withdraw into their bank accounts. When the withdrawal is made, the principal will also be credited.

How Does Per Annum Work?

Per Annum follows stringent cut-offs for credit scores as well as repayment history. On average, borrowers accepted for financing via Per Annum have a credit score of 780 or above, with regular repayment histories spanning 5+ years. Their partners, who aid with loan collection in addition to risk assessment, also have on-the-ground fleets of collection agents in all cities where their borrowers reside. Alternative data, income, and spending behaviour are other important parameters when assessing borrowers Per Annum. Transactree Technologies Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Per Annum, is an RBI-registered P2P-NBFC. Per Annum, partners act as credit risk management, borrower sourcing, and collections partners.

When you invest with them, your money is deployed directly to highly creditworthy borrowers sourced through their partners, after the P2P algorithm divides it into thousands of little chunks. People repay in installments of three, six, twelve, or eighteen months and earn interest for as long as their money remains invested. Per Annum lets you invest in fixed-term investment plans and flexible investment plans. Investors can invest in a highly curated list of alternate assets, filtered through an unmatched risk mitigation mechanism by highly experienced professionals

Expected Returns

Investors can expect returns upto 12% from Lendbox depending on the the type of product they choose.Per Annum provides returns upto 11% with option for instant withdrawal.

Lendbox Team

Lendbox was Founded in 2015 by Ekmmeet Singh, Bhuvan Rustagi, and Jatin Malwal.

Both Ekmmeet and Bhuvan are alumni of IE Business school, Spain. They have been running the platform since inception and have worked on a turnaround of its performance post-2020.

Lendbox Funding

Lendbox has raised $1.5 Million from Ivy Cap Ventures. The latest round of funding was in April,2021

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Peer-to-Peer Lending?

Peer-to-peer lending (P2P lending) is a special kind of lending where borrowers use online platforms to connect with investors who are willing to lend money. Online lending platforms aim to link borrowers looking for unsecured personal loans with lenders ready to provide loans with high returns. In comparison to banks and NBFCs, P2P platforms charge higher interest rates for unsecured loans to borrowers.

P2P lending is an alternative method for lenders to receive higher returns on their investments and for borrowers to obtain credit when they really need it. A person can lend or borrow money to or from other people using peer-to-peer lending (P2P), without using conventional banking channels. As for the borrower, the peer-to-peer lending platform allows you to avail of instant cash loans at competitive interest rates. 

  • Is peer-to-peer lending safe in India?

You should ensure that the peer-to-peer lending you invest with has received RBI certification. It is important to check reviews of the platform before making any investment.

  • Is Lendbox legitimate?

Yes, Lendbox is a legitimate platform with its Per Annum product being popular among investors.

Personal Experience of Yieldkart Team- Investing with Lendbox

 As with most of the investment platforms listed to Yieldkart, we make it a point to invest in these platforms as an investor. We have been investing with Lendbox since 2020.  We have focussed on Per Annum product along with Micro ATM loans lending product.

To get a detailed Analysis and check our portfolio database read here – Portfolio Analysis

Conclusion/Final Review

P2P lending is a system where people and small businesses can borrow money from other people or small businesses without using a bank as an intermediary. Lendbox is one such P2P lending service in India that has emerged as an investor-focused platform and helps its investors generate a steady income.

We continue to monitor the performance of the platform which you can access in our monthly reports

Our Rating
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